5 Common Questions Answered About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you going for a treatment for breast enlargement in Dubai? Is your mind popping up with a different question? Don’t panic, its normal. It’s good to have questions and get things clear in your mind. Whether it’s about the procedure or the way it’s going to reveal its results to you. Ask more and learn more.

Following are some of the most common questions that people usually ask about this cosmetic surgery procedure. Answered by recognized surgeons, they will surely help you out too.

  1. Why are the implants placed beneath the breast muscle?

Every aspect of surgery has a well-defined scientific proof behind it, so as for this. The implants look more natural and felt more natural if they are placed beneath the breast muscle. Also, if you go for a mammography after undergoing this treatment, it will not obscure it. Also, there is a well-supported evidence that the implants stay more firm and softer in the long run if placed under the breast muscle.

  1. Why the surgeon overfill or under fill saline implants?

There is a very definite reason behind the overfilling or underfilling of saline implants for breast enlargement in Dubai. It is done because there is a higher chance of having rupture due to full flow. For less rippling effects, the implants are always maximally filled. Also, it results in less deflation too.

  1. Why the ruptured silicone implants need replacement?

If there is a radioactive evidence found in the implants, they should be replaced. In the long run, silicone implants may cause granulates in the breasts that may not end well with your breasts. So, it is an optimal decision for you to replace your implants. Furthermore, it is a truth that every breast implant needs replacement at least after 10-1-5 years’ time. It is not a lifelong treatment.

  1. If I know implant is ruptured… how long can I wait for are placement?

It is not an evolving surgery, but it is suggested to undergo it within months of diagnosis. The ruptured implant tends to leak that can cause a scar or any type of infection in breast tissues. In the procedure, your implant, as well as the scar tissue, is removed. The recovery time of this surgery is about 5 days. In some cases, you need to drain the fluid before the next implant.

  1. How can one breast get hard and the other soft?

There is no eminent cause behind this phenomenon. Also known as breast implant hardness, it is very rare to occur, especially in case of saline implants. But if the saline implant gets harder, usually it is known in first several months of surgery. While, if silicone implants get hard, they will get harder in coming time period. You can go for breast massaging for 6 weeks at least, it will get fine. If scar tissue develops, you may need its removal to restore the symmetry of breasts.

If you have any more questions in mind then feel free to ask the board-certified team of aesthetic and plastic surgeons for breast enlargement in Dubai. You will be guided all the way to help you make a better decision. Clearing your queries related to the treatment, with an expert is very important. So that your mind and body are at peace and satisfaction at the time of surgery. Furthermore, your treatment will go smooth and sound.