5 Common Questions Answered About Breast Augmentation Surgery

Are you going for a treatment for breast enlargement in Dubai? Is your mind popping up with a different question? Don’t panic, its normal. It’s good to have questions and get things clear in your mind. Whether it’s about the procedure or the way it’s going to reveal its results to you. Ask more and learn more.

Following are some of the most common questions that people usually ask about this cosmetic surgery procedure. Answered by recognized surgeons, they will surely help you out too.

  1. Why are the implants placed beneath the breast muscle?

Every aspect of surgery has a well-defined scientific proof behind it, so as for this. The implants look more natural and felt more natural if they are placed beneath the breast muscle. Also, if you go for a mammography after undergoing this treatment, it will not obscure it. Also, there is a well-supported evidence that the implants stay more firm and softer in the long run if placed under the breast muscle.

  1. Why the surgeon overfill or under fill saline implants?

There is a very definite reason behind the overfilling or underfilling of saline implants for breast enlargement in Dubai. It is done because there is a higher chance of having rupture due to full flow. For less rippling effects, the implants are always maximally filled. Also, it results in less deflation too.

  1. Why the ruptured silicone implants need replacement?

If there is a radioactive evidence found in the implants, they should be replaced. In the long run, silicone implants may cause granulates in the breasts that may not end well with your breasts. So, it is an optimal decision for you to replace your implants. Furthermore, it is a truth that every breast implant needs replacement at least after 10-1-5 years’ time. It is not a lifelong treatment.

  1. If I know implant is ruptured… how long can I wait for are placement?

It is not an evolving surgery, but it is suggested to undergo it within months of diagnosis. The ruptured implant tends to leak that can cause a scar or any type of infection in breast tissues. In the procedure, your implant, as well as the scar tissue, is removed. The recovery time of this surgery is about 5 days. In some cases, you need to drain the fluid before the next implant.

  1. How can one breast get hard and the other soft?

There is no eminent cause behind this phenomenon. Also known as breast implant hardness, it is very rare to occur, especially in case of saline implants. But if the saline implant gets harder, usually it is known in first several months of surgery. While, if silicone implants get hard, they will get harder in coming time period. You can go for breast massaging for 6 weeks at least, it will get fine. If scar tissue develops, you may need its removal to restore the symmetry of breasts.

If you have any more questions in mind then feel free to ask the board-certified team of aesthetic and plastic surgeons for breast enlargement in Dubai. You will be guided all the way to help you make a better decision. Clearing your queries related to the treatment, with an expert is very important. So that your mind and body are at peace and satisfaction at the time of surgery. Furthermore, your treatment will go smooth and sound.

What Women Need To Know About Mommy Makeover?

Being a mother is one of the most beautiful feelings in a lifetime. As a new life comes into this world, a woman goes through many changing with her body structure. Set aside the hormonal ups and downs, the physical change is more visible and feel-able, you can say. You might be hearing a lot about the mommy makeover. Well, if you haven’t, hear it now. Many women have gone through this procedure, and the demand is increasing day by day.

Since the last decade, cosmetic surgery has seen many changes, and these are positive changes. Gone are the days when women didn’t care much about their body conditions after the childbirth. Today, a woman loves to have children in her life, along with maintaining her body after the childbirth. They like to reboot their body structure back to the shape, in which they already were, before having children. Also, nowadays women dare to go for all the good options that can help them retain their body structure. The mommy makeover is one of the big achievements in the area of cosmetic surgery, which is a specially designed treatment for mommies.

So, be ready to reboot your body shape, after having children. This makeover is basically a body makeover and involves the breasts and abdomen rejuvenation option. The goal is to archive a perfectly contoured body again. As the whole body stretches the skin and muscles, the breasts are also affected. The breast muscles and skin become saggy and the natural elevation and symmetry are affected. That is why, of the procedures in mommy makeover is breast augmentation. The breast augmentation Dubai is providing this treatment at very affordable rates, along with quality.

Furthermore, the liposuction is also included in this procedure to remove the excess belly fats and skin. The abdomen muscles are very stretched after the pregnancy phase, that is why the skin also get loose and excess fat is deposited. It’s a complete package of various treatments in a single procedure. Moreover, the combination of treatments can be customized, according to the candidate’s requirements, and final evaluation of the surgeon.

Many women find it very hard to bounce back to their original body structure after having a stressful phase of pregnancy and birth. The exercises and healthy diets are just the cofactors, which can retain you in shape. But, it is always not possible to get rid of your tummy or breast tissues or muscles, back to the original form. In mommy makeover, you can also combine the augmentation technique with the breast lift. The breast lift Dubai gives an option for those candidates, who need the adjustment of elevation and symmetry of breasts, along with size/ shape adjustment.

So all the mommies out there, no need to worry anymore about your saggy body structure. The latest technology and advancements have found a perfect solution for you, which have positive results in a long run. That is why, many moms are turning for the mommy makeover, a combination of wonderful cosmetic procedures in a single go. So, what are you waiting for? Just go for it now, and regain your pre-pregnancy body structure. Be free in your own body, and enjoy with your children.

3 Fast-Acting Vitamins to Speed Up Hair Growth

Hair growth starts when you have healthy hair. In case, you have weak hair then they shed and at the end you left with the bald scalp. Our hair strands need nutrients to grow long and strong just like our body. Various vitamins, products, and shampoos are available in the market to grow hair strong.

Following is a list of some of the best vitamins.

  1. The Mane Choice Manetabolism Plus Hair Growth Vitamins – You don’t just focus on the hair growth but also focus on the strong hair strands. Manetabolism is the supplement that works to strengthen, lengthen and make your hair thicker than ever. This supplement has added benefits to provide strength to your immune system, skin, and nails along with your hairs. So, if you are in search for a supplement that provides multiple purposes then you should go fot it.
  2. Brock Beauty Hairfinity Healthy Hair Vitamins – You have tried different supplements in the market, you have changed your diet pattern, but you couldn’t get desired results? If yes, then Hairfinity vitamins are something that is for you. It focuses on the inner strength of hairs. It provides vitamins D, B12, and A along with silica, biotin, and many others.
  3. SugarBearHair Vitamins – These vitamins have gone viral nowadays. The reason is the splendid effects that you observe after their usage. You can use it as the treat for your daily hard work. It’s not something that will make you addicted to its flavor but you will not resist yourself for taking it once you observe its outstanding outcomes.

Have you used any of these supplements but couldn’t get any positive impact? Do you want to get permanent solution to your hair loss instead of these temporary solutions? Here you go! Hair transplantation is the recommended solution for you by the hair experts and aesthetic surgeons. The reason is that it is the best treatment plan that provides long-lasting results. Once you get this treatment then you don’t need to be worried about your hair loss any more. This is the procedure that provides you natural looking results that no one can diagnose that you have had a transplantation done. After getting hair transplant in Dubai, you can opt for any hairstyle or any hair color that you want. In short, you can deal with your transplanted hairs just like natural hairs.

You should contact Dubai Hair Club if you want to get quality treatment at cost-effective rates. They are providing special discounted offers to serve their customers with the best services. Don’t wait anymore to get the permanent solution to your baldness.

Getting a Fuller Beard is Now Possible!

In today’s age of technological advancement, nothing is impossible to solve. Nowadays the transplant doesn’t only include the regrowth of patchy scalps. For men, it also includes regrowth of beard, it is the integral part of male personality, it adds to the grace and maturity. Men are fond of having different styles, but it’s only possible with fuller look. The beard hair loss is nowadays a common issue every other man is dealing with it. The causes may differ from person to person, health, environment or hereditary.


An increasing number of men are today deal with embarrassing version of facial grooming. It can happen due to several reasons, Hormonal imbalance, any face injury lately, skin problem or laser etc. But the problem can be solved by an amazing procedure now widely available.

How to get a treatment?

Nobody likes patch face, here you go! The solution is off to your steps. There is a best platform at hair transplant clinic Dubai, the best spot to regain the lost grace of personality. The procedure is performed on the areas with less growth. It’s a surgical procedure in which grafts are extracted from your scalp and implanted into the affected area. The recovery may take a few months but surety is that the final result is permanent.


  • Local Anesthesia is given to the affected area.
  • The grafts are extracted from the back and side of the scalp.
  • The selection of donor site typically depends on which offers the closest match to the facial hair
  • In case of FUT, a strip of scalp is removed and formed into desired sizes.
  • In case of FUE, follicles are removed.
  • Any of one procedure is applied for treatment according to the case.
  • Needle incisions are done on recipient area.
  • Finally, grafts insertion is done into the incisions on recipient area.


  • After the procedure, the growth is just as good and natural as of the scalp, after treatment.
  • The texture as natural as original.
  • Normal shave can be done later.
  • No severe pain or ache is expected after this surgery.
  • Proper aftercare is necessary to deal with scars or mild pain.

Eligibility for Treatment?

  • Men above 20 age group.
  • One’s who want to hide any burn or injury marks on face.
  • Have partial bald patches or uneven look due to limited growth.


  • Go for prescribed tests before treatment.
  • Stop any blood thinning medicine you are using before.
  • Stop using blood thing medicine, if they are necessary due to any ailment consult your physician.
  • Avoid using caffeine, alcohol any other beverage before treatment.
  • Do not use any facial cosmetic or lotion soon before or after treatment.
  • Follow the care instructions by your doctor after the treatment.

Best beard transplant in Dubai, with qualified doctors and great services is available at affordable rates. Its provides a great technology advancement in this field, and its demand is increasing day by day. Add the confidence in your personality as now you have the opportunity to get back what you had lost.

What to Do About Bad Hair Transplants?

hair-transplantIf you have ever embarrassed due to your bald patches or thinning or hair and you have chosen hair transplant for the solution, then nothing can be worse than getting the bad result. However, there is something that can help you in this regard.

In the past decades, the procedure that was used for transplantation was not good. The plugs were used that have made hair point up just like the bristles of a toothbrush. If you are a victim of such case and not happy with the results, still there is a hope for you. Modern hair transplant techniques are available to permit more natural looking hair.

How To Find Reliable Services To Fix Bad Hair Transplant?

First of all, you need to find a surgeon who is skilled enough not only in the surgery procedure but also skilled enough to fix the bad transplants that are performed by other surgeons. You should be very careful in this selection.

When you decide to get the hair fixing done from a doctor then do aproper evaluation before getting the surgery. If the doctor shows you the before and after pictures of the treatment that is performed on a virgin scalp then ask him to show you the pictures or tutorials of the surgery that is performed to correct the bad hair transplant.

After the completion of this step, ask the surgeon regarding specific procedures that can be performed for fixing the exact dilemma. The issue can be resolved in two ways. Some of the patients ask to implant more hair grafts in the already implanted hair plugs. On the other hand, some of the patients ask to take off already implanted plugs and create small units and then reinsert them.

If you find the accurate surgeon but you have with the cost then don’t just give up. Discuss this issue with your surgeon. Moreover, be sure to bring this factor to the mind that it is difficult to find the reliable source. Your surgeon may provide you some other ways of financing.

Recovery Time Period

The healing time period can be more as compared to the procedure that is performed for the first time. The reason is that the procedure includes removal of the old plugs and insertion of new follicles. Surgery sessions can be more than one on the basis of the requirements.

If you want to know about the condition of your scalp and other details regarding reconstructive hair transplant then feel free to contact Dubai Hair Club. They are providing their trustworthy and professional services at cost-effective rates. You don’t need to be worried about the services as they are one of the most known clinics of hair transplant in Dubai. The beneficial aspect is that they are not charging any cost for this consultation. Yes, it is for FREE. They have made the process quite easy. Just fill a form on their website or send your contact number to them and they will get back to you as soon as possible. Don’t let this opportunity go and avail it now!

Common Signs Of Hair Health Issues And What To Do

Our bodies have the capability to tell us when something is going wrong in the body. We need to observe the signs and take account of them to avoid any kind of hazardous result. Similarly, hair is an area that tells us about our health. These signs reveal that we need to consult a doctor for guidance.

Some Common Signs

  • Thinning Hair Could Mean You’re Overstressed

Stress is one of the major causes that leads to hair thinning or hair loss. The hair loss that occurs due to stress may be temporary or permanent.

  • Hair Thinning May Signify Something Bad With Your Thyroid

Hair thinning may also reveal that there is some issue happening with your thyroid. You should get a blood test on immediate basis to ensure if this problem really exist or not. Then, you need to take treatment accordingly.

  • Split Ends Could Mean You’re Mistreating Your Locks

Observe your hair ends and listen to them if they are revealing something. If you are using dryer or straightener to treat your hair on daily basis then you may be doing wrong with your hair. It is recommended to use heat protector if you use to heat your hair on daily basis. You should use heat protector before applying such tools and deep conditioner your hair at least once a week.

You need to observe your hair and know the exact cause of your damage to keep them healthy. In case, you are observing the bad health of your hair and treating the causes that are in your knowledge, but still you cannot make your hair healthy. In this situation, you need to consult a doctor or a dermatologist. Your surgeon can help you to find an exact solution of your hair damaging.

Possible Solution to Hair Thinning

Some of the possible solutions to your hair thinning may include;

  • Proper diet
  • Medications
  • Specific shampoos
  • Herbal
  • Specific oil
  • Hair transplant

However, hair transplant is the most recommended procedure by all doctors. The reason is that other solutions need more time, effort, and money to solve your problem. Still, at the end other procedures provide temporary solution. On the other hand, Cost of hair transplant in Dubai is a way that allows you to get your hair back on your scalp on permanent basis. It is a one-time procedure and you don’t need to spend money and effort again and again. Hence, you need to follow the instructions of your surgeon properly. Also, you should be very careful while searching a surgeon for you. Select an experienced surgeon, and then concern about cost. Dubai Hair Club is providing amazing services under the supervision of expert and professional surgeons at special discounted rates. You can get benefit by their consultation service for FREE. What are you waiting for when you have such an amazing solution of your hair problem? The treatment is suitable regardless of the cause. Don’t waste more time and book your appointment now!

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