Getting a Fuller Beard is Now Possible!

In today’s age of technological advancement, nothing is impossible to solve. Nowadays the transplant doesn’t only include the regrowth of patchy scalps. For men, it also includes regrowth of beard, it is the integral part of male personality, it adds to the grace and maturity. Men are fond of having different styles, but it’s only possible with fuller look. The beard hair loss is nowadays a common issue every other man is dealing with it. The causes may differ from person to person, health, environment or hereditary.


An increasing number of men are today deal with embarrassing version of facial grooming. It can happen due to several reasons, Hormonal imbalance, any face injury lately, skin problem or laser etc. But the problem can be solved by an amazing procedure now widely available.

How to get a treatment?

Nobody likes patch face, here you go! The solution is off to your steps. There is a best platform at hair transplant clinic Dubai, the best spot to regain the lost grace of personality. The procedure is performed on the areas with less growth. It’s a surgical procedure in which grafts are extracted from your scalp and implanted into the affected area. The recovery may take a few months but surety is that the final result is permanent.


  • Local Anesthesia is given to the affected area.
  • The grafts are extracted from the back and side of the scalp.
  • The selection of donor site typically depends on which offers the closest match to the facial hair
  • In case of FUT, a strip of scalp is removed and formed into desired sizes.
  • In case of FUE, follicles are removed.
  • Any of one procedure is applied for treatment according to the case.
  • Needle incisions are done on recipient area.
  • Finally, grafts insertion is done into the incisions on recipient area.


  • After the procedure, the growth is just as good and natural as of the scalp, after treatment.
  • The texture as natural as original.
  • Normal shave can be done later.
  • No severe pain or ache is expected after this surgery.
  • Proper aftercare is necessary to deal with scars or mild pain.

Eligibility for Treatment?

  • Men above 20 age group.
  • One’s who want to hide any burn or injury marks on face.
  • Have partial bald patches or uneven look due to limited growth.


  • Go for prescribed tests before treatment.
  • Stop any blood thinning medicine you are using before.
  • Stop using blood thing medicine, if they are necessary due to any ailment consult your physician.
  • Avoid using caffeine, alcohol any other beverage before treatment.
  • Do not use any facial cosmetic or lotion soon before or after treatment.
  • Follow the care instructions by your doctor after the treatment.

Best beard transplant in Dubai, with qualified doctors and great services is available at affordable rates. Its provides a great technology advancement in this field, and its demand is increasing day by day. Add the confidence in your personality as now you have the opportunity to get back what you had lost.

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